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I found this on and it seemed good so I’m reposting here. Apparently the church tried to cover this up, cause it ain’t too pretty, but the truth is, Brigham Young was poisoned with arsenic. Turns out the job of prophet was highly sought after, even murdered for.

In August 1877, within a week of becoming ill, Brigham Young unexpectedly died.  The officially stated cause of death was appendicitis, although those close to him believed that his sudden illness showed signs of arsenic poisoning. Rumors began to spread about Young’s suspected murder, and, to quell those rumors, Deseret News published an article detailing his last days. However, those so inclined found that the details of Young’s symptoms supported their belief of arsenic poisoning.

Today, some continue the speculation that Young may have been poisoned, pointing to evidence that Young intended a dynastic takeover. Young had ordained three of his sons to be apostles (including one at age 11). These young men were seen as a threat to the other apostles’ line of succession. At that time, the Salt Lake Tribune also rumored that Young intended to abdicate his position at the upcoming conference in October 1877, and that his son Brigham Young Jr. would then become the next President and Prophet. Young died in late August, just weeks before the scheduled October conference.

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